The Scientific Way To Find Antibodies
Supplier Match – Find Out Which Company Actually Makes The Antibodies You Use
A new solution is needed. Finding the right antibody remains extremely difficult.

Nature – Standardize Antibodies Used In Research (2015)

“Across biomedical research, the resulting waste in materials, time and money is vast — costing an estimated US$350 million annually in the United States alone.”

Nature – Biomedical Researchers Lax About Validating Antibodies For….(2016)

“…reproducibility problems attributed to antibodies can be blamed on “a two-headed monster” of poor antibodies and poor training. Both are fuelled by lack of clear, commonly accepted guidelines about what is required to validate an antibody, and what information companies should supply about the reagent’s performance.“

Biotechniques – Antibody Validation (2010)

“However, to date, there is no universal standard. We therefore present our lab’s approach to the validation issue.”

“For the meantime, however, the responsibility ultimately lies with the researcher or laboratory director to ensure that the antibodies used in their labs are validated for specificity and reproducibility.”

Nature Methods – Finding the right antibody for the job (2013)

“Not only are antibody companies frequently bought and sold, they also change their business approach. Some companies transition from selling licensed antibodies to producing their own antibodies. Companies also sell to one another to keep their catalogs thick and increase sales.”