About Us
Good science changes the world.

Scientists should not have to worry about the tools they use. Our goal is to provide the best product information possible. Armed with the right products, researchers can do what they do best....ground breaking discovery.
We are a collection of scientists, reagent experts, and technical development professionals that are dedicated to making immunoassay research as easy as possible.

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Our team understands how hard it is to find the right antibody. From companies that provide poor quality products to antibody resellers, the need for better insight and transparency is greater than ever.

Our goal is to give that to that to the research community.
GenLogica is based in sunny San Diego, a hotbed of life sciences research with dozens of institutes/universities, biotech, and pharmaceutical companies. However, our mission is to support scientists worldwide.

We leverage our product portfolio so that scientists can get the support they need for innovative and world-changing research.