GenLogica's New Features - An Even Better Way To Find Antibodies
Posted:  Monday, June 20, 2016           By:  The GenLogica Team

A Review:  What We Do

GenLogica is advancing immunoassay research by providing scientists the tools they need to find and understand critical components of their research. Our initial solutions are Antibody QuickPick, an enhanced antibody search platform, and Supplier Match, which provides detailed reports on the current products used within research laboratories.

For additional information on why we created GenLogica please see our Introductory post and/or our post on Antibody Resellers.


Antibody QuickPick – Antibody Search Gets Even Better

Our Antibody QuickPick (Antibody QP) search engine provides personalized and optimized results by focusing on 3 key criteria researchers have for antibody use:

  • What is the target protein I need to detect?
  • In what application do I plan to use the antibody?
  • What is the sample type I plan to use?

By providing personalized search, our initial search engine allowed researchers to answer these questions and find products that fit their exact needs. In addition, we offered advanced quality by adhering to our core tenants:

  • List only the highest quality suppliers
  • Provide independent quality assessment by scoring the validation data for each product
  • Only listing original manufacturers (no resold products….learn why this is important)

However, researchers often have hyper specific specifications, and our goal is to improve Antibody QuickPick to meet these needs. To that end, the GenLogica team has added the following features:


Researchers often require an antibody to be labeled with a specific conjugate such as FITC, HRP, and PE (among many others). Antibody QP now has 175+ conjugates that can be used to narrow the antibody search.


Post translation modification by addition of a phosphoryl group to an amino acid is one of the most significant cellular processes. Proteins can contain dozens of amino acids that can be phosphorylated. Antibody QP now includes the ability to search for antibodies that target a specific phospho-site.

Product Scoring

Our goals go beyond personalized antibody search. GenLogica also wants to assess the overall quality of the antibodies that it lists. To ensure that the highest quality antibodies are provided our quality assessment program is under continuous improvement.

Our system utilizes gene expression data from various scientific databases to assess how well antibody has been validated. The more a product aligns with the established information from the scientific community the better the overall score. In addition, supportive information is evaluated to ensure all aspects of an antibody are considered.

Improved Design

To make the user experience even better the site has been redesigned to streamline antibody search.

It now takes only a few seconds to set the required search parameters

  • What is the target protein?
  • Does the antibody require a specific format (phospho-specific / conjugated)?
  • In which application will the antibody be used?
  • In which tissue/cell line/sample will the antibody be used?

The search output shows how well each product fits the search parameters, with the quality assessment used to sort the best products.

Finally, individual product pages now include more information including data images, sample types used, and citation links.


Supplier Match – Learn More About Your Products

The antibody market is rife with “suppliers” that buy, re-label, and then sell antibodies from other companies. In fact, it is not uncommon for resellers to sell to other resellers, who then market the product, creating multiple layers between the scientist and the original manufacturer. For more information on how this negatively impacts research see our earlier blog post:

Why Antibody Resellers Are Costing You...Big Time

The GenLogica Supplier Match feature allows researchers to submit the antibody products they currently utilize in the laboratory. GenLogica will then provide a detailed report on whether the company providing the product is the supplier or if they are a reseller. If it appears the company is reselling the product, the report will include suggestions as to which company may be the original manufacturer.


Moving Forward – Better Products For Better Science

We strive to make Antibody QP the best antibody search engine available. Moving forward, our goal is to include additional features that provide even more insight into immunoassay products.

Your feedback is critical. If you have any suggestions for how our search and product listings can be improved we would like to hear it, so feel free to Contact us. We look forward to working with the research community and providing the solutions and scientific content they deserve.


The GenLogica Team