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Posted:  Tuesday, March 1, 2016           By:  The GenLogica Team

An Introduction to GenLogica

GenLogica is transforming immunoassay research by offering scientists a website with advanced features to find and learn more about the products they use. Our initial solutions are Antibody QuickPick, an enhanced antibody search platform, and Supplier Match, which provides detailed reports on the current products used within research laboratories.


Why did we create GenLogica?

Antibodies are exceedingly valuable research tools. This value is demonstrated by the fact that the research antibody market reached $2 billion in 2013 and $2.2 billion in 2014. However, this value is degraded by various problems plaguing the market. A recent paper in Nature highlights an estimate that 50% of total antibody spend is wasted on bad or poorly performing products (see Figure 1 below).



How is this even possible? With hundreds of suppliers offering millions of products it seems that scientists should be able to find exactly what they need. In fact, there are already many antibody search sites dedicated to this…and yet major problems exist.

The fact is that there are three fundamental problems with the research antibody market:

  • Variability in performance due to natural variations during production (lot-to-lot consistency)
  • Antibody quality due to lack of comprehensive validation
  • Lack of transparency due to antibody companies selling the same products

Why do these problems persist? There reasons include:

  • The nature of antibodies as a research tool – biologically derived tool subject to fickle natural variations
  • Researchers lacking the means to access transparent antibody market information
  • Suppliers capitalize on researchers lack of market knowledge

Our goal at GenLogica is to transform immunoassay research by:

  • Only listing originally manufactured products
  • Adding independent quality control via our product validation scoring system
  • Providing detailed reports on antibodies that researchers use

We’ve achieved this via our Antibody QuickPick search engine and Supplier Match reporting tool.


Antibody QuickPick – Refined Antibody Search

Antibody QuickPick (Antibody QP) is based on three basic parameters that researchers have for antibody use:

  • What is the target protein I need to detect?
  • In what application do I plan to use the antibody?
  • What is the sample type I plan to use?

While seemingly straightforward, it is very difficult for researchers to find a way to answer those three questions as a part of their product search. Antibody QP allows researchers to search against these three basic parameters to provide a level of optimized product search not currently seen.

In addition to our optimized search engine, the GenLogica team also adheres to our mission of providing only the highest quality results. We accomplish this by dedicating ourselves to our core tenants:

  • Quality suppliers – we only list products from antibody manufacturers that have rigorous validation standards
  • Personalized search – researchers can enter ALL the specific parameters they need to find the products that best match their experimental needs
  • Quality assessment
    • Independent validation score – our in-house algorithm evaluates the validation provided by each supplier and ranks the products by highest to lowest score
    • Citations – citations are a key component for product quality and how well they have been used in peer-reviewed publications
  • No resellers – Antibody QuickPick only lists originally manufactured products

[Visit our How It Works page to learn more about Antibody QP]

Our core tenants come together to provide the best product suggestions for antibody users. However, the GenLogica team did not stop there. Not only did we want to provide an improved way to search for new products, we wanted to offer solutions so that researchers could learn more about the products they currently use….and Supplier Match was born.


Supplier Match – Learn More About Your Products

As mentioned, the antibody market is rife with “suppliers” that buy, re-label, and then sell antibodies from other companies. In fact, it is not uncommon for resellers to sell to other resellers, who then market the product, creating multiple layers between the scientist and the original manufacturer. This business model can have a profound negative effect for researchers, including:

  • Inflating the price of the product
  • Increasing delivery times
  • Lowering the quality of customer support

The GenLogica Supplier Match feature allows researchers to submit the antibody products they currently utilize in the laboratory. GenLogica will then provide a detailed report on whether the company providing the product is the supplier or if they are a reseller. If it appears the company is reselling the product, the report will include suggestions as to which company may be the original manufacturer.

This information is very important as the reseller model contributes heavily to the waste seen in the antibody market. There was a time when the reseller model may have been beneficial, but in the modern economy, and with researcher budgets as lean as they are, access to the companies that actually make the product will ensure chances of greater success.


Moving Forward

While Antibody QP and Supplier Match are our first innovative solutions for the research community, our long term objective is to build a comprehensive platform where all facets of immunoassay research are addressed, from product selection to experiment execution and data analysis. 

In addition, GenLogica believes that knowledge and insight into the immunoassay products market, especially antibodies, is essential for quality research. Be sure to follow our blog since as we focus on key areas of antibody based research, which includes:

  • Challenges and solutions to the antibody market
  • The future of antibody technologies
  • Antibody quality and validation
  • ...and more

The GenLogica team looks forward to working with the research community and providing the solutions and scientific content they deserve.


The GenLogica Team

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