How It Works
Antibody QuickPick works by allowing for detailed search parameters based on the experimental needs for each researcher. The more detailed the inquiry the better chance of finding the antibody that will work.

View the tutorial below to learn how Antibody QP has been structured to help researchers find the products they need.
Once you have entered all the search parameters you need, click the search button and you will be taken to the product listing page. On the product listing page each product will show how well it matches all the parameters entered, following the format below.

Matching your needs isn’t enough...the antibody needs to be high quality as well

•    GenLogica independently assess the quality of every product in its system
•    Each product is assigned a score based on its validation....the higher the better quality
•    Citations are also provided to show how the antibody is being used by the research community

Top Tier:
Products that match all parameters entered. These are ranked by highest score.
Middle Tier:
Products that match portions of search parameters. These are ranked by highest score.
Lower Tier:
Products that match a minimum or none of the search parameters. These are ranked by score.
Find out which company is actually making the product you use:

•    Many antibody companies, even market leaders, resell products from other suppliers
•    Antibodies can be 2, 3, or 4 degrees removed from actual manufacturer
•    This drives up prices, slows delivery, and decreases customer/technical support quality
          •    Learn how this impact you by viewing our blog entry on Antibody Resellers