Why GenLogica?
There are plenty of websites that allow you to search for immunoassay products. We believe that while choice is important, the quality of the products to choose from is critical.

Our core tenants are dedicated towards making sure scientists not only find the products they need, but are optimized for the best chance for success. We do this by making sure we are committed to the following:
GenLogica makes sure that your specific research needs are being addressed. What are you studying? Which product do you need? How do you plan to use it?

It’s these questions we strive to answer by providing the right platform for discovery.
Finding the right antibody is more than just a protein name. Evaluating how the product is validated, if it has 3rd party data, and if it meets your research criteria are critical.

Antibody QP takes these factor into account to ensure that when you need to search for a product it can deliver what you need.
Our opinion is that original antibody manufacturers give scientists the best chance for success. From saving time and money to receiving greater support, manufacturers maximize value.

By focusing on the right partnerships and being selective with the products that are listed, we provide a greater return on science.